Panasonic VL-SW250BX

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Wireless Video Intercom System


Panasonic Wireless Video Intercom System VL-SW250BX

Panasonic Wireless Video Intercom System VL-SW250BX


  • Entryway monitoring of visuals and audio
  • Easy-to-carry handy wireless monitor
  • IPS LCD for easy viewing at wide angles
  • 5.2" colour monitor for crisp clear images
  • Recording of up to 400 images
  • Picture recording of visitors when you are not at home
  • Voice changer when answering unwanted visitors
  • Transfer calling to other monitors
  • Expansion options available
  • *Max. communication distance between main monitor and wireless monitor of 100m*



Basic Information
Model VL-SW250BX
Manufacturer Panasonic
Warranty 12 Months Local Warranty
Main Monitor
LCD 5.2" Colour LCD (IPS Technology)
Picture Recording Max. 50 events / 400 images (8-shot continuous recording)
Voice Changer Yes
E-lock Connection 2
PBX Connection Only Panasonic PBX
Dimensions (W × H × D) 165mm × 38mm × 190mm
Weight 735g
Door Station
Door Station Connection 1 included (Expandable up to 2)
Camera Angle Horizontal 87˚
Vertical 66˚
Dimensions (W × H × D) 99mm × 36.5mm × 131mm
Weight 200g
Wireless Monitor
Wireless Monitor Connection 1 included (Expandable up to 4)
Wireless Monitor LCD 1.8" Colour LCD
Dimensions (W × H × D) 52mm × 35mm × 157mm
Weight 175g (including battery pack)

What's in the box

  • Main Monitor VL-MW251 × 1
  • Door Station VL-V522L × 1
  • Wireless Monitor VL-W605 × 1
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